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How To Make Coffee Even More Enjoyable

Although coffee is delicious, if bought from a coffee shop, it can be costly. However, you can brew coffee at home relatively inexpensively. Take control of your coffee quality by learning how to brew a perfect cup at home.

While keeping coffee in the freezer can extend its shelf life, you shouldn't store it for longer than three months. Coffee frozen longer than that will start suffering in quality.

Put some money towards a simple coffee grinder. Grinding your beans just before brewing leaves aromatic, flavorful oils intact and makes coffee taste fresher. Generally, grinders will allow you to pre-select how coarse you want your beans ground. There are also coffee machines that come equipped with grinders already.

Buying a cup of joe from a coffeeshop might seem expensive, but it's an occasional luxury. There are dozens of different ways that you can enjoy your coffee, from sweet and frothy mixed drinks to hot and strong espressos.

For the ideal cup of coffee, measure the water you use for brewing carefully. Using too much water when making coffee makes it stronger than it should be. Alternatively, if you use too much water, your coffee is weakened. One trick to making coffee the right strength is that you should always adjust the amount of coffee grounds based on how much water you are using.

The flavor of coffee largely depends on the beans it is made from. Change up your choices in blends and brands rather than drinking the same exact coffee over and over. Don't let prices stop you from finding a blend that better and lifts you up.

To get pure coffee, use pure water. Everything you use for you coffee will affect its taste, and that includes water. Filtered and bottled water offer the best tasting base for your coffee.

Determine the amount of cups you desire to create in advance before you brew. A typical cup contains six ounces, and a measuring cup contains eight. The best proportion is six ounces of clean water to two tablespoons ground coffee. Using a measuring cup will result in a watered down brew.

If you coffee tastes peculiar, it could be because of the water you used. Adding a filter to your tap can make your tap water taste better. If you don't want to install a filter, you can buy pitchers that contain filters or use bottled water as the base for your coffee.

Drive-through's are a great way for frazzled moms to enjoy some coffee if they are too busy to brew coffee at home. You could easily go out for a quick drive, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and drink it on your way back home or to work.

If you are tired of inferior cups of coffee from grocery store bought grounds, then it is time to do something about it. It is probably not very fresh due to slow sales. If you go to a coffee shop for the coffee, you can get beans that are not as old.

You can give your coffee a little something extra by using unusual sweeteners. Brown sugar can add a different flavor to your coffee. Other flavors like cinnamon, vanilla extract, cocoa and nutmeg enhance the coffee flavor as well. Alternative milks made from soy and rice can be used as a substitution for regular milk or cream.

Coffee can be delicious, as well as expensive. You don't need to spend a lot when you want coffee. With a bit of good advice and practice, you can easily brew up great coffee at home. These tips should help you get started.

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