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Why some fashion stores like Penneys and TK Maxx resist selling online

“(Penneys’) teen market doesn’t really have access to credit cards to consume online, but they do have their mid-range millennial market, which is a valuable market,” Duffy says. “I would imagine if Penneys move into (e-commerce), they’ll want to be the leaders in that space of being able to offer fast-access delivery.” Ward agrees that it’s not a case that Penneys has “refused to sell online” but that it’s waiting for the right moment to strike. “They’ve identified what they’re good at so they’ve stuck to the knitting. Primark’s a very agile business,” she says, adding that the retailer has leveraged social media to drive brand recognition. “It’s not as if they’re dinosaurs. They’re still embracing the online culture but just choosing not to sell their merchandise through that route,” she says. No one from Penneys was available to speak to Fora for this story, but the company issued a statement to say that “online is really important” for the business. We have a strong digital and social media presence, with over 11.5 million followers across our social media channels … Primark keeps an eye on click and collect, but we have no current plans in this area. It’s widely accepted that the future of brick-and-mortar stores hinges on so-called ‘experiential retail’ - offering unique or quirky experiences to encourage customers to spend more time and money in shops. Penneys has moved into the space with the rollout of in-store nail bars and hair salons.

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